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Bike Service & Repair

Experienced, Dependable, Guaranteed

We service ALL styles and ALL brands of bikes! Be it a tricycle, recumbent, unicycle, triathlon/time trial, fat bike, fixed gear, single speed, BMX, mountain bike, hybrid, e-bike or tandem, to name a few.

We also work on medical grade equipment that use bicycle parts, such as wheelchairs and walkers with hand brakes etc.

Some basic repairs can be done same day or while you wait. See helpful tips link displayed further down the page.

Service Packages

  • Every service packaged bike leaves clean and tuned to the best of its ability - guaranteed.
  • Every customer will receive a free service estimate and quote before we do any work.
  • All additional labor cost for part installation is 50% off with purchase of a service package.



  • Choose this when something isn't working right.
  • Additional labor cost may be required for extra part installation.
    Wheels: true and tension both wheels
  • Drivetrain and brakes: Adjust shifting and brakes to their best capacity
  • Bearings: Set wheel, headset, and bottom bracket bearings
  • Clean: frame, wheels, and components



  • Choose this when something isn't working right AND your drivetrain is all kinds of dirty. 
    Additional labor cost may be required for extra part installation.
  • Silver Package PLUS: 
    Entire drive train degreasing and re-lubrication
  • Involves removal of entire drivetrain and cleaning in our commercial parts washer
  • Both front and rear derailleur, cassette (rear gears), chain, and crank set are removed



  • Choose this when you want the absolute best for your bike and full season coverage.
  • Gold Service Package
  • PLUS:
  • Replace all shift and brake cables and housing. Includes new handlebar tape on Drop Handlebar Bikes. Bikes with hydraulic brakes receive a re-bleed in place of cable replacement.
  • 1 year warranty on service work included and no additional installation labor.
  • $200 Flat Handlebar Bikes
  • $225 Drop Handlebar Bikes
  • NO additional labor cost required for extra part installation.

General Labor Rates

Tip: Any accessory purchased at or ordered through Nicollet Bike gets FREE INSTALLATION! (excludes service items)

$10 Labor per item - Minor tweaks and adjustments, individual part installation, flat repair per wheel (on bike) + cost of inner tube, etc. *Special 50% reduction in labor for tune-up package purchasers

$5 Labor per item - Flat repair (wheel off of bike) + cost of inner tube

$10 - $25* per wheel - Wheel truing and/or spoke replacement of ALL rim materials (Steel, Aluminum, Carbon).

  • Labor value assessed on a case-by-case situation.
  • *plus cost of spoke
  • $1.50 (each) for silver
  • $2 (each) for black
  • *bladed/aero spokes subject to model specific pricing

Standard and Custom/Specialty Services

CUSTOM BIKE AND WHEEL BUILDS  –  Call us at 507-388-9390 or stop into the shop

Have an idea for a dream bike? A custom Fat Bike, Tri/TT, BMX, Touring or Road bike? Bike restoration project? A new wheel set you’ve always wanted? We will work with you to make your dream come true. Call us at 507-388-9390 and talk to our sales or technical service staff to get started today.

BIKE UNBOXING AND ASSEMBLY –  $80 Moving to the Mankato Area or coming for a visit? Ship your bike directly to our shop where we will unbox it and put it back in working order.  We can do that!


Boxes –  $5 Industry grade bike specific boxes

Box PLUS our Professional Packing Service –  $80

  • Planning a vacation, selling your bike, or moving away from the Mankato Area? We offer bike specific boxes, and packaging materials to box up your bike the right way. For only $80 have us professionally pack your bike up.
  • Includes box and packaging materials and labor for packing up bike

Insure your bike when shipping!  Don’t risk losing your sale or bike due to parcel service negligence!!!

HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE SERVICE AND BLEEDS  –  Price Varies We can service (including disc cable brakes) all major brake brands, like: Hayes, Shimano, Avid, Hope, Magura, Tektro, and TRP to name a few.

SHOCK SERVICE  –  Price Varies We service air shocks, and suspension systems. To find out if your bike has a serviceable shock contact our service shop at 507-388-9390.

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

Helpful Tips To Get You Back Riding ASAP:

Due to the high demand and seasonality of Midwest bicycling ANY customer wanting the quickest and/or same day service need to:

  • Think ahead and anticipate your needs.
  • Whenever possible, show up early in the day and get to the shop before the Weekend.
  • Good weather and weekends = busy times at the bike shop!
  • Fall and Winter are slow times for bike shops BUT great times for bike repair and tune-ups.
  • The more difficult to repair/service AND/OR hard to get parts= slower turn around
  • Tune-ups are done on first come first served basis

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.